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Use this link for the posts from me, metatron, .

If you don't want to click links and such, you can find each post together on one html page here at .

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One of the leading posts on this board which helps to explain other posts on this site is "Do you believe in God (Almighty)?"

Most of the other posts are full of information as well, and the topic title will either be of interest or not be of interest depending on what you are looking for as far as information. Science, religion, intellectual, and so forth. A wide range of subject matter which can be overwhelming, but is divided up into different topics (articles) on this site (forum).

I used the question in the subject and an article in the post to give the reader a chance to give their own answer possibly and to see how the answers may or may not compare. I feel it adds more enjoyment to the site to give the reader an opportunity to participate as well.

As most people are searching for answers and information, I realized in my own search, that much of the information I have gathered can be used to help others. As some of this information is personal and related to me personally, much of this site contains unique information that I feel I need to share. And because of a wide range of subject matter, I feel a forum such as this site instead of a huge book, is the better format for both myself and the average reader. By splitting up the information into smaller 'topics', the information is much easier to manage and understand.

Thank you. As I understand, since I have been, and still am, looking to find honest answers also.

I feel it is also worthy to note that in my own research I have realized that there does not seem to be any hidden or secret meanings in any sacred texts or such. Many times I have come across someone who has become very confused because they are told to believe one idea even though they know another idea is what is actually written. It is my hope to try and help to clear up this confusion whenever possible.

I hope that you enjoy this site as it was a joy for me to create this site and share ideas with many others. Thanks again,

Enoch / Metatron / Thee Ace Man

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