Where did the idea for this blog / web site come from?

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Thank you to everyone for asking.

I wrote a book back in 2011 called "The New Math" and written by me, Thee Ace Man. The book was my autobiography as I realized there were many events in my life that I needed to think about and sort out. Also, many stories I hear at times do not seem quite the same as the stories I heard myself or from others. Looking back, I realized that I had got a lot of information that had either been twisted, or was not even available as many of the sources have died. So I was glad that I did my book as a reference for myself.

It took about three months to write and I originally wrote the book by hand. I contacted Strategic Book Publishing and they were interested but it needed to be in computer doc format. So I copied the handwritten text over and submitted it and it was published around August 2011.

As this was an autobiography and I am still alive, I added extra information as it became available.

One problem before publishing was the fact that many people had died that were written about and you can not get permission from a dead person to use their name. So the first name was used but the last name was left out to avoid specific reference (and possible law suit from a dead person's family or such). It worked as the book was able to be published that way.

As far as I know, this book "The New Math by Thee Ace Man" is still the only autobiography where the reader is a main character. A very unique trait and still a unique book.

When I wrote the book, I knew from the information I was writing that there was more to my life story than what I knew at the time. It wasn't until about 4 years later that I figured it out. August 25/26, 2015 is when I connected the rest of the stories together and figured out that I was the one referred to by Edgar Cayce as The Keeper of the Akashic (Akashik?) Records aka 'The Keeper of the Book of Life' aka Metatron, etc. and so on. I still kept adding to my autobiography but now I also added a Meaning of Life question and answer section and a Science of Science page as well. A lot of extra information and a few (not many really) other stories. The extra information made the book that was more of a 'text book on life' into a preachy teacher's edition of the text book on life.

The idea for this site came from my Meaning of Life question / answer page plus the book itself. With the forum question / answer format it made the information much easier to access and separated so that it wasn't one huge lump that people had to sort through. Also, as this is a forum, I can use full names and such.

The book has sold 25 amazing hard cover copies and one (1) e-book at present and the big problem was how do you shrink about 88000 wonderful words and ideas into a 250 word advertising blurb?

I never really looked to be a popular author or any of that so the 25 + 1 sales figure is not disappointing to me at all. I was glad that I had taken the time to collect all those memories before they fade (so to speak). And looking back now, as I am supposedly mentioned in the Holy Bible as 'The Last of the Great Prophets' and such, it is good for me to write my own story after reading through the Holy Bible itself and realizing that most of the writing is 'second hand' and not from the people themselves. Adam, Eve, Abraham, and even Jesus Christ and so on, never wrote things in their own words.

I keep my 'revised' copy (The Mostest Newerest Math) as a hidden html page on my web sites. The page is even color coded to separate the text book from the teacher's edition so to speak.

Anyway thanks for reading this long post and thanks for helping to make this site as wonderful and thoughtful as it has become.


And if interested, here is a couple links to the hidden book (The New Math is published, but the full The Mostest Newerest Math I plan on leaving it the way it is in html format). But unlike a forum, this is a huge amount of information to read and sort through, http://www.thenewmathbook.com/thefullbook.html or http://www.theeaceman.com/thefullbook.html. If you have a huge amount of time for over 100,000 words then definitely a good read. And if you leave the blue text out you'll see what I mean about 'preachy' and such. The original allowed the reader to expand their mind greatly, while the revisions became a bit preachy which I am still trying to avoid (especially on this forum). Preachy does not fit in well with 'do unto others' as far as I can see. The book begins with the word 'But' because I feel that every great story should start off with a great butt. And the last word is 'oops' as in "The meaning of Life in one word --> oops."
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